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Client: Actonate is a tech consulting firm with years of experience in building and running large scale products on the cloud.

Bizlog(now Storedock) is a SAAS app that Actonate has build and targets small business owners and managers. The store-management software is multi featured to allow real time access to inventories, work force management, invoices and sales analysis.

Design goal: The project goal was to design a website launching the product. The main functions of this website is to introduce the product and promote visitors to try out a free trial version for 30 days.

Approach: With BizLog, the start-up company plans to build an entire ecosystem of add-ons which can offer integrations. The important part here is to develop an entire ecosystem around the retail business.The possibilities of add-ons, integrations are endless for the retail industry. Thereby their product website should be able to reflect all the attributes and showcase the features.

Exploration of the primary user personas before design iterations:

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Persona development helped in the imagination of a storyboard for the most popular persona of the project. The storyboard was influenced by each persona’s goals and concerns.

Design Content: The project prototype entails all the features of the landing page as well as three more accompanying pages. The homepage introduces multiple facets of the product and then the subsidiary pages provide more information on features, pricing and support.

All the above are accessible through the main navigation bar of the website.

Once the first hand experience was mapped with the help of the imaginative storyboard, it was important to enable the experience onto the interface.

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An initial wireframe was created that includes the main functions inferred from the storyboard. The product’s value propositions as well as the free-trial were intentionally emphasized.

Landing Page

The website was also  designed for mobile device following a similar approach from rough wireframes to mockup and low-fidelity prototypes.

UI mock-ups for mobile


Visit the live demo prototype built on Axure RP. The product name was later changed to Storedock and their current website is based on a design that was later updated to be in accordance to their new branding.


Key take aways:

  • Design of an product website is aimed to reflect the product’s sensibilities, the context of its market and its branding.
  • Feedback on the wireframes really helps lock the functionality aspect first.
  • A wholistic approach is needed where the study of the product itself becomes imminent to help the site have the same voice and tone as the product, in this case the app.

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