Hi, I’m Maria! As a product designer with 8+ years of experience in B2B and B2C products, I specialize in designing for games ?

As a storyteller and a game enthusiast, I work my passion for emotional design and meaningful user experience into everything I do. 

I have contributed to mobile game IPs such as Willy Wonka, The Wizard of Oz, and MonopolyGO! I’ve worked on making the gameplay of these iconic franchises better in meaningful ways. I am adept at designing features & content for live games, as well as with production and testing. With a functional literacy for all game development verticals, my generalist skills help me learn and improve rapidly as a designer.

When not at my desk, I usually stroll outside, observing plants and people and photographing them. Or planning my next travel adventure. I have traveled across 13 countries and lived in 4 countries so far ?? ?? ?? ??