About Me

Hello, I’m Maria. A UX and Product Designer.

I love to work on challenging design problems. While I am eager to draw out potential solutions as soon as I hear a design problem, I often hit pause and take a step back to understand the people who are going to use it. I strongly believe that good design is led by good user research. Once a design concept is created, my goal is to test it for accessibility, inclusivity, reducing possibilities of human error, and most importantly to see if it can actually delight a person or persons.

My passion for design is matched by my curiosity to learn new things. I love to find design inspirations in completely unrelated things. When I am away from my desk, I love to walk in the greens. Painting en plein air or curling up in a good book with a cuppa coffee is my ideal weekend.

I’m currently looking for new opportunities and even fun side projects. Do reach out to me— I’ll be happy to chat! Thanks for stopping by!